Who can Benefit from BIG?

Pre-teen and teen boys who wish to:

Achieve their true academic potential;
Learn ways to pay better attention and control their impulses;
Make solid connections with same-aged boys and girls;
Cope with sadness and/or anger;
Cope with anxiety;
Maintain healthy relationships with their parents or siblings;
Demonstrate responsible behavior in and out of the home so it does not get them into trouble;
Cope with a recent trauma that has had a significant impact on their lives; or
Learn ways to deal with the effects of developmental disabilities.

Parents of boys who want to:

Stay emotionally connected to their sons;
Communicate effectively with their sons;
Establish and maintain healthy limits and boundaries for their boys;
Better understand “boy” behavior (such as aggression, risk taking, or computer gaming);
Better understand their son’s emotional make-up;
Find support and learn from other caregivers of boys; or
Maximize their parenting potential through skill building and practice.