Welcome to BIG

BIG is a place where boys and parents come to learn and grow. It is for boys with common, everyday struggles like fitting in, experiencing peer pressure, or coping with divorce, as well as for those boys with more significant difficulties like ADHD, depression, anxiety, social isolation, and acting out in possibly destructive ways.

For pre-teen and teen boys, it’s the chance to learn about being male, cope with and express feelings, make and keep good friends, and relate more effectively with parents and siblings. Another part of BIG’s philosophy is to help boys understand, develop, and nurture their relationships with girls.

For parents, it’s the chance to learn about how boys operate, from learning and communicating to feeling and being social. Parents come to BIG to get relevant information about boys that helps them become more informed and ultimately better parents. They also come to get support from other parents who may be in similar spots: wanting to be closer to their sons, feeling confused about how to effectively parent their boys, or maybe feeling alone in their everyday struggles as busy caregivers. BIG helps parents feel less isolated and more connected to others who know about the ups and downs of parenting boys.

It is BIG’s mission to:

Promote emotional, social, and educational growth in boys of all ages through specialized individual/family/group therapy, peer-to-peer support, and skill building;

Empower caregivers of boys to maximize their parenting potential and further enhance their relationships with their boys through focused education, parent-to-parent support, and specialized parent empowerment groups;

Promote awareness within the San Diego community about relevant and meaningful issues pertaining to boys through community-based trainings and activities; and

Promote professional growth for colleagues and community leaders who work with boys through cutting-edge training events that address boys’ issues that are relevant to modern day best practices.