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The main function of the Library is to provide boys of all ages, their caregivers, and professionals who work with boys with relevant and practical information. For boys, there are books and articles that may speak to them about their own experience of being male or simply about being a kid or teenager. For caregivers, there are numerous listings addressing boy-specific issues, as well as general parenting and child-related topics. For professionals, there are scholarly articles and books that may help them in their work with boys. As part of BIG’s mission to educate and empower boys, caregivers, and professionals, it strives to &ldquot;search the universe&rdquot; for information that will not only be interesting but useful. Thus, the Library is frequently updated as new and practical works are discovered.

By clicking on any of the three sections listed below, you will have access to books and articles from newspapers and journals relevant to that group. Each section is divided by topic as well. Links to web articles are also provided, as are brief summaries of each reference. If you would like hard copies of the articles that do not have links, please contact Dr. Miller at, and he will send you the articles directly.

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