Welcome to the inaugural issue of the BIG Quarterly Newsletter!

This publication is for you if any part of your job in life is taking care of a boy. If you have a caretaking relationship with a biological, step, foster, or adoptive son, a grandson, a nephew, or any other boy, then this newsletter is right "up your alley". The goal is simple: to provide caretakers of boys with information, tools, and advice on how boys operate, how to connect and stay connected to them, and how to understand and apply current research on boys and gender differences to the lives of boys. The newsletter's aim is to "search the universe" for cutting edge and relevant material and provide it to you so that you will be empowered to manage the ups and downs of caring for boys. Each newsletter will consist of news related to BIG (like upcoming social connection groups, talks given in the community by Dr. Miller), a feature article on a boy-specific issue, and a book, article, or movie review that is boy-focused. The hope is that you take this information and use it in a way that fits comfortably for you and ultimately enhances your relationship with the boy(s) in your life.